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Introduction to ballet classes

Ballet lessons is a very strict and formal type of performance dance. Ballet dances often tell a story, to express a mood or reflect a piece of music. This is what makes ballet one of the world’s most graceful dance styles. Ballet is a precise and delicate art form involving mental strength, and commitment to absolute precision.

Ballet classes are known for improving improve muscle tone, flexibility, and co-ordination, balance, posture, a great way to combine dance and fitness.

Ballet classes are popular with children, predominately female however its gaining traction with young boys. In recent years ballet schools and ballet teachers have introduced ballet classes for seniors, over 60s. Media coverage has resulted in more older people taking up ballet.

Children's ballet classes near me

Ballet lessons are particularly suited to younger children purely due to the length of time needed to develop the balance, co-ordination, and understanding of ballet dancing techniques. Traditionally girls attend classes, although boys are now increasing in number. You never know...your son could be the next Billy Elliot!

Many ballet schools offer a variety of lesson types for toddlers and younger children, such as babyballet and pre-ballet classes. These introductions to ballet tend to be aimed at children who are over the age of 3. Lessons focus on the development of the child’s ability to move in time with music and capacity to learn some simple ballet steps. These lessons can be extremely useful in preparing your child for formal ballet lessons.

Formal ballet lessons start at 8 years old. This is because performing advanced ballet techniques at such a young age can result in injury or permanent damage to the bodies of young dancers.

Adult ballet classes

Adult ballet lessons usually start with beginners through to different levels of difficulty. So if you are just starting out then this is not a problem you will be put in a class with the people of the same capabilities as you.

Adult ballet classes are beautiful way strengthening, lengthening, tone, sculpting arms, legs, buttocks areas, whilst working on core strengthening. Adult ballet lessons improve posture, co-ordination, concentration, musicality, and spatial awareness.

Ballet classes for over 60s

Adult senior ballet classes developed for older learners are available, so they, too, can take part in ballet classes.

The benefits are that older people experience higher energy levels, greater flexibility, improved posture, and an enhanced sense of achievement. Ballet schools and academies regularly run ballet classes for seniors.

Whether you’re an experienced dancer, have briefly dabbled or are a complete novice, we welcome all older learners of any ability to try out ballet for seniors classes.

What to wear in a Ballet class

This can depend on the ballet or dance school and the type of class. Young children usually wear a ballet leotard, pre-school children can wear a tutu often with attached bodice. Adults wear dance clothing or any tight workout clothing.

For comfort and warmth, ballet socks and tights are an essential. Ballet tights are great for winter months, while socks are a staple for any budding ballerina.

Ballet shoes are ideal but you can wear socks for the first few classes. Ballet shoes provide support and comfort for the ballet dancers, and assist with technique and alignment.

Find a ballet class or ballet school near you

Professionally trained ballet instructors tailor sessions which are based on individual fitness and experience. Whatever your age or ability there’s a ballet class for you. Use the Dance Near You ballet dance directory use the form to search on this page to find a ballet class near you.

Some ballet schools require auditions prior to enrolment so check with the school.

Ballet classes are undertaken by professional qualified ballet teachers. You are advised to check their qualifications and if you are sending your children to make sure they have the required accreditation.

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