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What is cheerleader dancing?

Cheerleading is choreographed dance routines in groups. Cheerleading combines aspects of dancing, jumping and gymnastics. Dancers dance to short intense routines to pop, rock, or hip hop music. It's a fast fun way to exercise.

Cheerleading is very popular in the USA, but surprisingly the dance started in Great Britain in the 1860s! Cheerleaders are ever present at sporting events in the USA, supporting their teams. In the UK cheerleading is making a presence at sporting events to add razzmatazz to the experience.

Cheerleading is a good way to keep fit, as it features aerobic and non-aerobic exercise.

Who should take up cheerleading?

Cheerleading is for everyone, all ages, male and female. Whilst its roots are in sport such as American football and baseball, it is now being recognised as a dance-fitness workout as well as a performance based activity, team support crowd motivator.

Cheerleading is physically demanding - cheerleaders must be strong, flexible, and have good lung capacity. It's not just about waving pompoms.

Cheerleader classes are for all ages - young children love the group choreography, the music, and performing. Classes are also available for older age groups who fancy adding a bit more fun and interactivity into their workouts.

Cheerleader is more than just a dance fitness workout, young and old create their own routines to music.

What can I expect in a cheerleading class?

Cheerleading dance lessons offer a mixed form of dance combining modern dance styles with acrobatics, gymnastics and lifts. The classes on offer cover all elements of cheerleading - including cheers, chants, dance, kicks, tumbling, jumps and basic stunting, for performers of all levels of experience.

Cheerleading is easy to learn under the right instruction. Classes offer diversity in both dance routines and accompanying music.

Use the search form to find a local cheerleading class and cheerleading instructor near you.

Why you should enrol in a cheer leading class

Cheerleaders are increasingly employed by sports clubs, and event organisers to add colour and excitement to events and really get the crowd enthusiastic. So if you are not afraid to be in the spotlight then cheerleading will be perfect for you. You could soon be part of a cheerleader squad.

In the UK cheerleaders are increasingly used in promotional marketing, store openings, rock and sports events.

The benefits of learning to become a cheerleader is the potential to get paid for dancing.

How do I choose a cheerleading class?

When choosing a cheerleading class use our local cheerleading dance directory. Use the form on this page and select cheerleading classes, enter your postcode and this will bring up the nearest classes to you.

Now you can find the right cheerleading teacher in a dance studio or gym near you.

If you are a parent sending children make sure the teachers have the necessary accreditation.

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