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What is Hip Hop dancing?

Hip hop dancing is an improvised energetic freestyle dance usually performed solo. The main moves in the dance require dancers to move your arms and shoulders from left to right, incorporate slips spins, hip gyrations, moon walks, body pop, lock, drops into the dance making it an awesome free style dance.

Hip Hop dance began with African-American and Latino youth in the South Bronx and Harlem in the 1970s.

The dancers perform to Hip Hop music, beer bongs and bentley, Travis Scot, Eminem, Drake, G-easy, NF, Fety Wap to name but a few.

Is Hip Hop easy to learn?

Like all Street dance it takes time to learn, it involves hard work and practice. It is essential to find a good teacher. Dancers can learn basic hip hop routines in a couple of months, to become really proficient it can take a year or more.

Anyone can learn to dance hip hop, the younger you are the faster you will progress. Practice just a couple of hours a day, 3 or 4 times a week is a good starting point.

The most important thing when it comes to learning is that you get feedback. Feedback helps dancers improve and that is where the performance happens.

What will I learn in a Hip Hop class?

Hip Hop dancers will learn a number of moves that make up a routine. Dancers can then create a choreograph to a dance music. Moves include:

  • My doggie, move your arms and shoulders from left to right, can also add a nice touch to your dance moves.
  • Stankey Leg, stick one foot out and lean in the opposite direction, moving the foot that’s out in a way that makes it look "stuck" or stanky.
  • Body Pop, classic hip-hop move where you isolate one part of your body at a time, making it "pop".
  • Helicopter, a classic move where you squat down on the ground, with your hands on the floor, and move one leg all the way around your body.
  • Pop, lock and drop, pop one part of your body, then you lock it all into place. After that, you get low and drop.
  • Nae Nae, bend your knees, move your arms up and down, and cross them behind you.

These are just a few of the moves dancers can learn, the great news is that they all slide together making the freestyle dance more fun and engaging.

Where do I find a Hip Hop class near me?

So, why not give it a go and search for a local Hip Hop dance class near you. Alternatively, we suggest you search for street dance and look at the classes available on the profiles and see what is on offer so you can find a street dance style to suit you.

You may also be interested in Street dance which also covers a wide variety of dance forms. Please see the other pages within the Street section for more information on these styles of dance.

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