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What is line dancing?

Line dance is a group formation dance in which people dance in one or more lines or rows in choreographed sequences. Dancers dance facing either each other or in the same direction, and executing the steps at the same time following repeated sequences of steps.

Modern line dance features all styles of music, including soul, disco, rock or pop, latin music, Irish, salsa, and big band music as well as country and western.

Contrary to popular opinion Line dancing was not invented by cowboys. Line dancing has its origins initially in the 1960's soul music scene in the USA. Line dancing took off in the 1980s in the UK with the release of Billy Ray Cyrus and his video to Achy Breaky Heart.

Is line dancing easy to learn?

Line dancing is probably the easiest dance to learn. Dancers can quickly pick up the sequences with leaders calling out turns, and actions. From the first lesson beginners will be able to enjoy dancing to a whole range of line dance routines. Its great fun and very social.

Line dancers move independently whilst enjoying a group dance activity as they move in time to the music.

Line dance steps vary from simple walking to intricate turns and syncopated rhythms. It has something for everybody and once you have picked up the basic steps dancers can progress to more complex and energetic routines. Finding a Modern Line dance class or teacher has never been easier on Dance Near You.

Why you should enrol in a line dance class?

The great thing about line dancing is that anybody can do it as it’s only mildly energetic and the steps are easy to learn. Line dancing is a great way to keep fit plus you don’t need a partner so it’s great for going out and meet people.

Ideal for over 50, 60s and 70 age group because because it provides the benefits of an aerobic workout which helps maintain a healthy heart and also provides a platform for you to get involved in a social environment, which is great for mental wellness.

Line dancing offers dancers higher level workouts ideal for people looking for a high energy workout. As a dance it has something for everybody.

Find a modern line dance class near you

Modern Line dance classes can be found on this website you can also find modern and traditional country and western line dance classes.

Local line dance classes may include both couple dancing and group line dancing depending on the teacher or dance studio.

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