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Introduction to Salsa Dancing

Salsa dancing is a fusion of Latin and African dance styles, a combination of Cuban Són, Guaguanco, Danzón, Mambo and other dance forms from Cuba and Puerto Rico. Becoming popular in New York in the 1970s.

Salsa is a spicy mix, sensuous, and flirtatious!

Salsa is a partner two-person dance, but there are distinct solo steps and other forms that are danced in groups made up of couples, with frequent partner exchanges. It is a dance form that is open to improvisations, its social and great fun.

Can anyone learn salsa dancing?

Salsa is an easy paced style of dance. Anyone can learn to salsa, from young children to over 70s. It’s more about technique & transferring weight from one foot to another, just as you do when you walk. It is a relaxed partner dance, involving leading and following.

Do I need a partner for salsa dancing?

Salsa dancing classes do NOT require you to bring a partner. It is accepted you will dance with a variety of partners, you will swap partners in Salsa classes or salsa social events. It is a very social dance, beginners often dance with more experienced dancers. Salsa classes in general attract more women than men.

Private Salsa classes may include a partner as part of the course. Again this will be clear in the class description. If in doubt, message the dance school or salsa teacher prior to booking.

How long does it take to learn to salsa?

Salsa dance takes time to learn. On average it will take about a month to grasp the basic steps, it’s not a dance you can learn in one class. Salsa involves learning timing, musicality, leading and following techniques, and partner work. If you’re new to Salsa, enrol in a 6 week beginners course to learn the basic steps and moves. Or buy a video on demand course.

What can I expect in a salsa class?

You can expect to progress from learning 3-4 basic steps to dancing complex Salsa routines. It takes time, to get the best we recommend a 6 week Salsa beginners course to master the basic footwork. This gives you the opportunity to learn the basic steps, necessary to progress.

  • Beginners Salsa Classes focus on the basic timing and transfer of weight naturally to each foot every time. Basic forward and back movements, side breaks, and basic turns. Get an understanding of the beat and rhythm to the dance. Learn basic partner work, and working in your personal space.
    Salsa is very sociable, where everyone is encouraged to get to know one another. Once you have mastered the basic steps you can move to the next level.
  • Improvers Salsa Classes will take you to the next stage, you will learn cross body leads, perfect your turns, increase your repertoire. By the end of a course you’ll know many new steps and be able to perform more complex Salsa routines.
  • Styling Classes focus on correct technique and execute complex salsa routines. Work on your Styling, now you can focus on posture, and the presentation.

Salsa is a social dance that is fun and social. Most people can pick it up quickly, but to be very good you will need to put homework in and be prepared to practice at home alongside the classes. Practice online or watch salsa videos on demand.

How many salsa classes should I attend every week?

Beginners are recommended to attend classes twice a week, and practice at home. Salsa is as easy as walking, however many people have to work at forgetting this and practising at home without other people watching helps get the weight balance and timing right.

What Should I Wear?

Salsa dancing is a slow to moderate dance. You will however get hot and perspire. It is advisable to wear loose fitting, casual clothes, trousers should be loose. Wear smooth flat soled shoes or trainers that can slide. Once you have mastered the basic principles of salsa dance then you can invest in dance shoes, and dance clothing. Explore the fun of latin music, hot tempos, spicy rhythms, dress the part.

Make sure you are clean and tidy, you will be dancing with the opposite sex. This is partner dancing up close.

Where can I find a salsa class near me?

Dance Near You, the UK’s leading dance class finder, is the best place to start find a salsa class near me. Just add your location to the search on this page or select a location from the city list below.

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